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Stress Less, Grow More. No setup fees or Order Minimums


Yes, Fwrun uses First Expiry First Out method on dated products

The client should send an email before sending a shipment.

  1. Client should include a delivery note.
  2. Client should include an expected arrival time.
  3. All shipments should be prepaid (customs and all).
  4. Each SKU must be barcoded.

Fwrun can add a barcode to your products and additional charges will be applied

Yes, the average temperature at Fwrun warehouse is around 24°C-28°C


We can store your products using shelves and pallets

  • shelve size: width 90 CM /Height 50 CM /Depth 55 CM.
  • Pallet: 100x120x150.

There is no limitation as long as your products are selling.

We receive any order before 8:00 pm can be processed same day to be out for delivery the next day with the shipping companies.

Delivery within greater Cairo and Giza 24 to 48 hours maximum other cities 24 to 72 hours.


Yes, Fwrun uses some packaging material such as bubble wrap, paper cartoon and caution stickers.

FwRun can provide many types of boxes with different dimensions which can fit your items. FwRun also provides packaging tables.

FwRun can store you packaging as SKU and use it to pack your products once ordered.

Yes, FwRun offers gift wrapping, stickers and inserts if requested.


Yes, FwRun offers door to door service through multiple shipping partners that offer:

  • Domestic / International / Cash On Delivery.
  • Offers Same-Day Delivery.


Yes, you can choose your preferred shipping company.

Yes, Fwrun liability to cover 100% from the cost of goods in case damaged or lost shipments

Yes, Fwrun offers a return & exchange service upon the client’s request

FwRun covers all regions domestically and internationally (worldwide) with different service levels such as immediate delivery, same day delivery and next day delivery.

  • Delivery within greater Cairo and Giza 24 to 48 hours maximum other cities 24 to 72 hours.
  • Same day delivery in Cairo and Giza only (optional).”we should be notified with it before 11:00 am”
  • GCC destinations will take 5-7 working days to deliver.
  • Rest of the world destinations will take up to 14 working days to deliver.

Yes, FwRun offers COD for shipments inside Egypt and GCC countries.

FwRun works with multiple shipping Partners such as  Aramex, DHL, SMSA and BOSTA.

Yes, FwRun offers end-to-end supply chain starting from importing goods, freight forwarding and custom clearance.


FwRun can provide clients with access to through its system where clients can manage and check all warehouse activities.

Clients can add products through the Fwrun system.

Yes, clients can track their shipments through the Fwrun system

Yes, the system reflects all transactions such as storage transactions, receiving transactions and order processing transactions.

  • Yes, FwRun integrated with marketplaces.
  • FwRun can integrate with platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Opencart, and many other platforms.

FwRun COD cycle is done once per week and the billing cycle is done at the end of each month.

The client

Yes, FwRun calculates VAT on the client’s monthly bill.

FwRun provides services for big and small companies locally and internationally.

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